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Who We Are

Nene Capital is an opportunity focussed investor in UK SMEs. By investing our own capital alongside a select group of limited partners, we can help our companies focus on building long-term value instead of working toward a predetermined investment horizon.

We build leading, mid-market companies through acquisition and robust organic growth. As active managers, we are closely involved in the commercial operations of the businesses we own and often take executive positions to support the delivery of strong financial outcomes.   

Our style is open, honest, and straight forward. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver - the agreements we make, are the agreements we keep.

What We Do

Each investment we make is unique and personal to us. We bring new energy, ideas, and people to ensure commercial success. The process we follow is tried and tested.

By focusing our energy and resources on a concentrated portfolio, we are able to achieve superior outcomes. We take a long-term view, investing in, and operating businesses of high quality and economic substance.

We are looking for business owners who want a structured and orderly exit, to both realise their investment and ensure the long-term continuation of the businesses they built. 

How We Do It

Our Investments

  • We acquire 100% of the businesses we invest in

  • We review and evaluate each opportunity on its individual merits

  • Our decision making process is efficient and a transaction can be completed without unnecessary delays


The Companies 

  • Businesses with an attractive market position or niche product

  • A record of consistent performance of both revenue and profit margins

  • Well established trading history (minimum of 10 years)

The Process

  • Request and review of information along with an initial site visit

  • Offer and agreement of terms

  • Legal work, agreement of purchase contracts and due diligence

  • Completion and post-completion handover


  • EBITDA of £0.25m to £5m

Speak To Us

We are interested in speaking with:

  • Business owners looking for a smooth and orderly exit

  • Professional advisors such as accountants, brokers, corporate finance firms, and banks that may be representing clients looking for an exit

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